Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another Video to be on TV?

I am pretty modest  and don't think my videos are "ready for primetime".  I'm just a guy who is really fascinated with my HS cameras and using them to satisfy my own curiousity.  "what would "X"  look like if I "Y"  to it?"  then I share it on Youtube.

Well,  over the years I have been flattered when people asked to use my videos in TV shows,   independent movies,   etc.    I had a FEW seconds of gun footage used in Discovery's  "Sons of Guns" recently,  so that was exciting.  However in the credits they misspelled my name so badly I had a hard time recognizing it.  The appeal for allowing third-party companies to use our footage is to help build our Youtube audience,   rather than just the bragging-rights of saying "our stuff was on TV!".   

It turns out that many production companies actually search Youtube looking for footage for their shows.   YT channel,  Gunwebsites had some of his footage used in Modern Marvels recently.  (his micro-revolvers on the "Tiny Weapons"  episode)

I was approached again by a British production company that produces a TV show called  "Experimenters".    I never heard of the show but apparently it is comprised of various internet videos on home-brewed science experiments.   The video they are interested is a non-high speed video (actually a time-lapse) of nitric acid dissolving a Hotwheels car.

SAPI Plate Testing

Rarely do I accept stuff from viewers.   Occasionally people offer to send me stuff to use in my videos and more often than not  I decline because I can usually just find it here and I don't feel comfortable with a viewer spending their money so I can make a video.   I'm just as uncomfortable with Partner channels that have a "donate"  link for viewers to send them money.  Really?

   A guy named  "Jeremy"  offered to send me some SAPI plates to me so I can shoot them.   Ok,  I had to Google it too.   SAPI stands for  "small arms protective insert".   These plates are constructed of ceramic with a kevlar backing and are designed to stop up to .30-06  armor piercing bullets.  

  I asked him if he was SURE he wanted to send them and suggested maybe he can make a few bucks selling them on ebay.   Nope,  he wanted to send them.  
Apparently he tried to contact a couple other YT Partner channels-  who ignored him.  Good job guys.   Originally he was going to send one plate to me and the other to another channel.   I ended up getting both plates.    These measure 6x8"  and are a little over ½" thick   and weigh about 3 lbs.  each.  

  So we are trying to set up a place to shoot these,  and use a wide-variety of guns to shoot at them.   Probably start out with a little .22LR  and work our way up to the .458 SOCOM.   So 9mm,  45acp,  7.62x39,  .223,   7.62x54r  are all on the table.    

Monday, March 5, 2012

Upcoming Projects

March 30-31   Not attending "Big Sandy" this go-round.    Other plans.    May try to go again next October though.   Hopefully gas prices will be down by then.  I sold 4 videos to last Oct  to pay for the trip.  

April 20-22    Antique Farm Show in Tulare, CA.   I missed this one last year since it fell on my weekend to work.    Lot and lots of very interesting antique tractors, hit-and-miss engines,  old tractor pulls,   steam engines/tractors,  etc.    Probably a few slow motion opportunities but the HD footage should still be good.   I need a heavy duty battery for my Panasonic camera,   what a joke the recording time is.  It sure records some fantastic imagery though.    I have to fall back on the Flip camera way too much or switch one of the Casios to HD mode.

May 12  Advanced  Explosives Demonstration in Tulare, CA.    Got a follow-up from the arson investigator wanting to know if I am still interested in attending.  Duh!  This is an invite-only event  so I got very lucky on this one.    Basically a bunch of LEO's from all over California putting this on.   They sound like a bunch of pyro's.  Should get some killer HS footage.   They blow up cars,   buildings,  aircraft,  etc.    I believe this is on my weekend off.   (I get every other weekend off)     I would still go even if I had to drink a few Rockstars and go without sleep that day.   Should be some amazing stuff to post.  A buddy from work said he was golfing near the area last year and said he saw a tire fly about 500' in the air.   Lots of very heavy explosions.

Marathon Upload Week...

Uploaded most of the footage from the "Ivanhoe"  shoot this week.   I was planning on spacing out the uploads to about 1 per week and actually discussed this plan with Jesse and Mike,   but felt I would get behind so decided to upload one per day through this weekend.   There was a possibility of another shoot on Sunday at the "Tipton"  location but that fell through.    

One issue with uploading so frequently is the massive number of comments that accumulate.    I hate letting a friendly comment go unanswered,  and there were a lot of them this week.    The "Tic Tac"  video generated an unprecedented number of comments,   many viewers making a lot of interesting suggestions.  

Got nearly all the concepts planned,  filmed and figured I'd have enough footage for 7 or 8 videos.    I wanted to keep each video very short rather than make long,  drawn out videos this time.  

The Ivanhoe property is about 500 yards deep and we tested the range of the wax slugs,  shooting level, and  the slugs travelled about halfway across the field before splashing.   Some of the camera footage shows a house in the background about 600 yards away off to the west,   but it looks closer on some of the clips.   Had to reposition everything to avoid the house being seen but some footage will have to be scrapped still.   The last thing I want is the focus of conversation being the house and how careless we appear to be.  

It was warm that day and the 400 rounds of wax slugs sat in the back of my truck with the sun beating down on them.   Near the end of the day,  the wax started to get soft and some rounds broke up after firing them.   Definitely a winter round.   To shoot them in summer I'd have to keep them on ice.   

We had a small crowd of spectators watching at the shoot so that was a new one.    I think we all got a little stage fright from that so we weren't able to do some of the "sketch" stuff I had planned out in my head.   


Friday, March 2, 2012

Since no one reads my blog...

There is a bug,  well many bugs on Youtube when using Internet Explorer.  This one bug is when managing videos,   the  "X"  or checkmark, doesn't show up in the boxes when you click on them.  
   I sometimes delete videos that are just not getting any views at all.    I tried,  the video failed.   You can't win if you don't try,  right?    I checked the video to delete,  and then accidently checked the box above all the videos which indicate  "ALL"  but there wasn't a checkmark in the box.   No problem- I didn't actually click it I thought.   I then clicked on the pull down menu I meant to click on and selected  "delete".     Bam....  100 of my latest videos all deleted in one fell swoop.   These videos went back to the end of July 2011. 
Fortunately Youtube Partner support was a lot of help and actually restored all 100 videos in less than 24 hours after I reported it them.   People may say a lot of bad things about Youtube Support,  but hey,  they did a great job for me.  I  didn't expect so much as a reply to my email,  so it was a great relief to get the help.
Thanks Sharif.