Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another Video to be on TV?

I am pretty modest  and don't think my videos are "ready for primetime".  I'm just a guy who is really fascinated with my HS cameras and using them to satisfy my own curiousity.  "what would "X"  look like if I "Y"  to it?"  then I share it on Youtube.

Well,  over the years I have been flattered when people asked to use my videos in TV shows,   independent movies,   etc.    I had a FEW seconds of gun footage used in Discovery's  "Sons of Guns" recently,  so that was exciting.  However in the credits they misspelled my name so badly I had a hard time recognizing it.  The appeal for allowing third-party companies to use our footage is to help build our Youtube audience,   rather than just the bragging-rights of saying "our stuff was on TV!".   

It turns out that many production companies actually search Youtube looking for footage for their shows.   YT channel,  Gunwebsites had some of his footage used in Modern Marvels recently.  (his micro-revolvers on the "Tiny Weapons"  episode)

I was approached again by a British production company that produces a TV show called  "Experimenters".    I never heard of the show but apparently it is comprised of various internet videos on home-brewed science experiments.   The video they are interested is a non-high speed video (actually a time-lapse) of nitric acid dissolving a Hotwheels car.

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  1. Speaking of those crazy guys from productions companies - I am one. Sorry to post like this but I wasn't sure how else to get in touch with you.

    My name is Chris Morcom and I'm a researcher at Flight 33 Productions. We make shows for The History Channel, NatGeo, and Discovery.

    We're currently working on a two hour special about invisible technology and my director wants me to find footage of mercury aluminium amalgamation. I saw your video here:

    and was wondering if it might be possible to license.

    Also, you wouldn't happen to have any timelapse videos showing rust would you?

    Thanks for making those videos and let me know if licensing them can be arrange.

    Chris Morcom
    Flight 33 Productions
    818-905-3300 ext.263