Monday, March 5, 2012

Marathon Upload Week...

Uploaded most of the footage from the "Ivanhoe"  shoot this week.   I was planning on spacing out the uploads to about 1 per week and actually discussed this plan with Jesse and Mike,   but felt I would get behind so decided to upload one per day through this weekend.   There was a possibility of another shoot on Sunday at the "Tipton"  location but that fell through.    

One issue with uploading so frequently is the massive number of comments that accumulate.    I hate letting a friendly comment go unanswered,  and there were a lot of them this week.    The "Tic Tac"  video generated an unprecedented number of comments,   many viewers making a lot of interesting suggestions.  

Got nearly all the concepts planned,  filmed and figured I'd have enough footage for 7 or 8 videos.    I wanted to keep each video very short rather than make long,  drawn out videos this time.  

The Ivanhoe property is about 500 yards deep and we tested the range of the wax slugs,  shooting level, and  the slugs travelled about halfway across the field before splashing.   Some of the camera footage shows a house in the background about 600 yards away off to the west,   but it looks closer on some of the clips.   Had to reposition everything to avoid the house being seen but some footage will have to be scrapped still.   The last thing I want is the focus of conversation being the house and how careless we appear to be.  

It was warm that day and the 400 rounds of wax slugs sat in the back of my truck with the sun beating down on them.   Near the end of the day,  the wax started to get soft and some rounds broke up after firing them.   Definitely a winter round.   To shoot them in summer I'd have to keep them on ice.   

We had a small crowd of spectators watching at the shoot so that was a new one.    I think we all got a little stage fright from that so we weren't able to do some of the "sketch" stuff I had planned out in my head.   


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