Saturday, March 10, 2012

SAPI Plate Testing

Rarely do I accept stuff from viewers.   Occasionally people offer to send me stuff to use in my videos and more often than not  I decline because I can usually just find it here and I don't feel comfortable with a viewer spending their money so I can make a video.   I'm just as uncomfortable with Partner channels that have a "donate"  link for viewers to send them money.  Really?

   A guy named  "Jeremy"  offered to send me some SAPI plates to me so I can shoot them.   Ok,  I had to Google it too.   SAPI stands for  "small arms protective insert".   These plates are constructed of ceramic with a kevlar backing and are designed to stop up to .30-06  armor piercing bullets.  

  I asked him if he was SURE he wanted to send them and suggested maybe he can make a few bucks selling them on ebay.   Nope,  he wanted to send them.  
Apparently he tried to contact a couple other YT Partner channels-  who ignored him.  Good job guys.   Originally he was going to send one plate to me and the other to another channel.   I ended up getting both plates.    These measure 6x8"  and are a little over ½" thick   and weigh about 3 lbs.  each.  

  So we are trying to set up a place to shoot these,  and use a wide-variety of guns to shoot at them.   Probably start out with a little .22LR  and work our way up to the .458 SOCOM.   So 9mm,  45acp,  7.62x39,  .223,   7.62x54r  are all on the table.    

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