Monday, March 5, 2012

Upcoming Projects

March 30-31   Not attending "Big Sandy" this go-round.    Other plans.    May try to go again next October though.   Hopefully gas prices will be down by then.  I sold 4 videos to last Oct  to pay for the trip.  

April 20-22    Antique Farm Show in Tulare, CA.   I missed this one last year since it fell on my weekend to work.    Lot and lots of very interesting antique tractors, hit-and-miss engines,  old tractor pulls,   steam engines/tractors,  etc.    Probably a few slow motion opportunities but the HD footage should still be good.   I need a heavy duty battery for my Panasonic camera,   what a joke the recording time is.  It sure records some fantastic imagery though.    I have to fall back on the Flip camera way too much or switch one of the Casios to HD mode.

May 12  Advanced  Explosives Demonstration in Tulare, CA.    Got a follow-up from the arson investigator wanting to know if I am still interested in attending.  Duh!  This is an invite-only event  so I got very lucky on this one.    Basically a bunch of LEO's from all over California putting this on.   They sound like a bunch of pyro's.  Should get some killer HS footage.   They blow up cars,   buildings,  aircraft,  etc.    I believe this is on my weekend off.   (I get every other weekend off)     I would still go even if I had to drink a few Rockstars and go without sleep that day.   Should be some amazing stuff to post.  A buddy from work said he was golfing near the area last year and said he saw a tire fly about 500' in the air.   Lots of very heavy explosions.

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