Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Explosives Demonstration Details

I attended the Advanced Explosives Demonstration on sat.  May 12 and it was one of the coolest things I have ever filmed or even seen in my life.   I thought the Big Sandy Machine Gun shoot was intense.  -  Well that was very intense too!

I sat through a couple hours of lectures where various speakers from FBI,  crime labs,  and police depts.  talked about explosives and showed a lot of Youtube videos of people using tannerite,  and people setting off those 2 lt.  bottle bombs.   Apparently cops do not like the fact people can legally use tannerite and think anyone who wears camoflage is some terrorist.    Kind of spooky at how they view some people.

I wore a fire dept. tshirt a fireman/paramedic friend of mine gave me from Clark County so I actually fit in well.   They thought I was one of them.   There were quite a few fire dept. folks from all over the state there and a group from Hawaii.  

Some of the explosions were small, from  2 lt. bottle bombs using odd mixtures of  chemicals that create exothermic reactions and cause the bottles to rupture.   From pool chlorine to brake fluid was used.   They blew up a number of mailboxes with small explosives.    It was interesting.   Of course the real exciting stuff was when they blew up the vehicles.    How often do you get to see an ambulance, fire truck,  or  buses blow up?  

We were over 1/3 a mile away from the big explosions like the cars and trucks,  so there was little chance of being hit by shrapnel.  But there was still a chance.    A pretty big piece of steel plate was blown away from the fire truck and traveled hundreds of yards and struck a car.   Just a dent on the hatch of a minivan.   It hit the ground first and then bounced and then hit the minivan.   Everyone thought it was funny.