Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rat Traps Gone Wrong

I purchased close to 70 rat traps at a couple dollar stores over the last couple of weeks.   I had to wait for the stores to restock the traps so I could get a lot of them.   My small-scale tests were all very good.   I set off around 10 traps without any hitches.  I was confident the 60 traps I decided to use would all go off. 
  It was miserably HOT,  I'm guessing it was over 105 deg and the sun was super bright.   I had to set the Casios to a 1/20,000 shutter speed because it was SO bright.  I hate it when a project doesn't work the first time I try it.   I really did not want to be out in the heat any longer than I had to.   The first attempt of setting off 60 traps was a failure as the chain reaction stalled at the 20 foot mark-  almost exactly halfway.   I should be happy 30 traps did go off.   After resetting the 30 traps,   the second attempt was even more disappointing.  I screwed up and put a trap backwards.   Definitely the heat got the best of me.   
   Each time I set the chain reaction off,  the hold-down bars get bent up so I have to restraighten them again.    I should put some sort of stopper so the hammers don't bend them up.   I'll try it all over again and hopefully get a successful reaction.

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