Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mercury video idea fail

I had an idea of filling a small pipe that was capped at the bottom with mercury.   I put a ball valve on the top so I could close it up and trap the mercury inside the pipe.

The contraption was put in ice water with salt in it so I could subcool the entire thing.  
I then closed the ball valve and  placed the mercury-filled pipe inside a clear,  one gallon container of hot water. 

The idea was to show how mercury expands and was supposed to rupture the pipe.   Just like over-heating a bulb-type thermometer will cause the glass to shatter,   or how water freezing in a pipe breaks pipe fittings,  I hoped this experiment would show that in real time.

I put it in the hot water and nothing happened. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Collaboration

RDFStudios has a channel devoted to air cannon destruction and we've been talking and planning for some time to get together and film some stuff together.   They are located about 80 miles south of me in the southern end of the California San Joaquin Valley.
  RDF blows my channel away as far as organization and editing skill and only lack  exposure.   So it is always benefitial to everyone when two channels can get together and make videos together.   It's always a blast for me to work with others who enjoy making videos. 
   We used their air cannon and we had a total of 3 high speed cameras and 3 HD cameras recording everything from different angles,  speeds and zoom.    We shared our video clips we each shot at the end of the day so we should each be able to make a handful of interesting videos.  The challenge is to make each version unique so that viewers will enjoy each representation.   
   RDF typically uses potatoes as projectiles but also use specially-made air cannon ammo,  tennis balls,   and is venturing out to other odd things.   You can pretty much shoot anything out of an air cannon.   Potatoes are still a very good object to shoot because they pack a lot of punch and are readily available.