Friday, September 28, 2012

More Weird Shotgun Shooting

We finally managed to pull of the near-impossible again and got a few guys together to shoot more strange shotgun stuff.  

As many people know,  I work a graveyard shift and I only get every other weekend off so my time to go out and film stuff if really limited.   I usually sleep all day long.    I only had about 3 hours of sleep that day  and on top of that,  it was 100 degs (F) that day which just turned me into an exhausted,  dehydrated mess after 6 hours of filming. 

We had more shotgun shells loaded up with weird things than we had time and energy to film.

I think the load that really stands out is the Silly Putty.

I actually did a Google search to see if this had been done before.   I really did not know what it would do and could not find any results about this being done before.   Ah!    The video has a lot of really good elements in it to make it a successful video.    Humor,  science,  blowing stuff up,  and  unexpectedness.   We'll definitely have to try it again. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Liquid-Filled Bullet?

I can not even give you a number of times people have suggested I take some of my mercury,  put it inside a bullet and shoot it.   This idea has been around for years and there are many speculations about what it can do.   

First of all,  mercury is denser than lead.   It is also a liquid.   In the several forums I have found a thread started discussing the mercury-bullet,   there were many ideas and guesses what it would do.   The fact mercury is poisonous was the topic in some postings.  Honestly,  lead is a toxic metal too and if one thought that it would give the person mercury poisoning,   overlooks the fact that the lead bullet would give the person lead poisoning.

Because mercury is also a liquid,  it was suggested it would cause the bullet to explode.   I never read anyone's suggestion that mercury has a boiling point of 674 deg. F and the possibility that enough heat could be generated upon impact that the mercury would actually flash into a gas and increase in volume by many factors.

Unfortunately I would not use any mercury to prove or disprove anything simply because I try my best to keep the stuff contained and even a minute quantity released would not be good but would also make peoples'  heads collectively explode in the process. 

So let's get back to the vaporization of a liquid.   What if we simply used water?   Water has a boiling point of 212 deg. F,  which is pretty low.   When water is converted from a liquid to a gas,   it has a crazy-large expansion ratio of  1:1600 or so.   That is explosive.  

Then I thought further.   What about the dieseling-effect of a light oil that is suddenly compressed?    What about an oil-filled bullet?    Will it explode?  

We'll see if these two rounds will have the effects that something like a mercury-filled bullet will have but isn't going to pollute the shooting range.   

Don't try this at home kids.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

25 Million Views? Whoa!

  In another day or so I should be hitting 25 million views.   I normally do not talk about any milestones in my videos since I doubt very many people care about my Youtube stats,  and I am pretty moddest and humble anyways. 
    Gunwebsites talked me into starting this blog about a year ago.   I reluctantly signed up with this blog.  I kind of like it.  (no one reads it)   I have pretty limited time each day and I try to just keep things simple.   So I don't have a Facebook acc't  for my channel and I have never signed up on Twitter.    I actually hate Facebook and  dread using it,  and when I do,  it is to wish a friend happy birthday.  

    I honestly don't see any benefit to having a Twitter or Facebook account in conjunction with my Youtube channel.   People I know who have them don't seem to be driving in a ton of views because of them.   So rather than waste my time using other sites,  I just have more time to deal with comments and things directly on Youtube.    If someone has a question about something in one of my videos,   are they supposed to Tweet me about it?  Am I missing out?

    Many channels I know - big and small - really focus on how many subscribers they have.
Although that is a prominent benchmark,  it really doesn't indicate the performance of a Youtube channel.  If overall views is the "odometer"  of a channel,   daily-views is the "speedometer".  I generally am looking for improvements in daily views or even how many views I have gotten in the last 30 days- if I want to see a bigger picture. 

    I guess my strategy of my channel is that I just don't consider if  the mass of my subscribers are going to like my new videos or not.   I post a variety of things and the people who like one topic may not like another topic.  But the thing is,   many people watch videos on Youtube and never subscribe.   I currently have about 31k subscribers,   but  25m  video views.  That is like an 800:1 ratio.   The views are not coming from my subscribers.   99.9% of my views just come from people stumbling on my videos.   So I try to post videos on searchable subjects.   Also,  I almost always make sure the videos are not on some time-sensitive subject.   They will be as relevant  10 years from now as they are now. 

   So,   25 million is a big number of anythings.   This year has been really good.   In March things got dismal and nearly every Partner I spoke to saw a crazy drop in views.   Luckily,  in the last few months things are doing much better and there is now some hope again for seeing some growth.    I guess the thing that always haunts me is getting TOO big.   As long as the growth is small,   I should be able to manage to answer comments still and not look like a snob.   What's up with channels that never answer comments?    Are they Tweeting?