Sunday, September 2, 2012

25 Million Views? Whoa!

  In another day or so I should be hitting 25 million views.   I normally do not talk about any milestones in my videos since I doubt very many people care about my Youtube stats,  and I am pretty moddest and humble anyways. 
    Gunwebsites talked me into starting this blog about a year ago.   I reluctantly signed up with this blog.  I kind of like it.  (no one reads it)   I have pretty limited time each day and I try to just keep things simple.   So I don't have a Facebook acc't  for my channel and I have never signed up on Twitter.    I actually hate Facebook and  dread using it,  and when I do,  it is to wish a friend happy birthday.  

    I honestly don't see any benefit to having a Twitter or Facebook account in conjunction with my Youtube channel.   People I know who have them don't seem to be driving in a ton of views because of them.   So rather than waste my time using other sites,  I just have more time to deal with comments and things directly on Youtube.    If someone has a question about something in one of my videos,   are they supposed to Tweet me about it?  Am I missing out?

    Many channels I know - big and small - really focus on how many subscribers they have.
Although that is a prominent benchmark,  it really doesn't indicate the performance of a Youtube channel.  If overall views is the "odometer"  of a channel,   daily-views is the "speedometer".  I generally am looking for improvements in daily views or even how many views I have gotten in the last 30 days- if I want to see a bigger picture. 

    I guess my strategy of my channel is that I just don't consider if  the mass of my subscribers are going to like my new videos or not.   I post a variety of things and the people who like one topic may not like another topic.  But the thing is,   many people watch videos on Youtube and never subscribe.   I currently have about 31k subscribers,   but  25m  video views.  That is like an 800:1 ratio.   The views are not coming from my subscribers.   99.9% of my views just come from people stumbling on my videos.   So I try to post videos on searchable subjects.   Also,  I almost always make sure the videos are not on some time-sensitive subject.   They will be as relevant  10 years from now as they are now. 

   So,   25 million is a big number of anythings.   This year has been really good.   In March things got dismal and nearly every Partner I spoke to saw a crazy drop in views.   Luckily,  in the last few months things are doing much better and there is now some hope again for seeing some growth.    I guess the thing that always haunts me is getting TOO big.   As long as the growth is small,   I should be able to manage to answer comments still and not look like a snob.   What's up with channels that never answer comments?    Are they Tweeting? 

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