Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BIG SANDY - Home again

I managed to pull of the near-impossible and made it to the October Big Sandy MG shoot.  

We left Calfornia friday night around 11:30 pm and drove all night to Arizona.  It was a good 6.5 hour drive and we arrived shortly after sunrise on saturday morning.  

Billy,  a friend of mine from work  drove and I paid for the gas.    Price of gas was about $4.40 a gallon in California,   and about $3.79 in Arizona.   I think the high gas prices made a lot of potential spectators stay home for this shoot.    

Rob from MGshooter.com  (Big Sandy's website)  had been pm-ing me asking if I would be able to attend the shoot and I didn't know I was going to be able to even GO until thursday morning,  a day before the shoot.   Once we got to the range,   I hunted him down and let him know we were there.   

Rob did an EXTRAORDINARY job of setting us up with media passes,  special parking,  killer food,  and drove us around in his Jeep.   He also got us access TO the guns and we could literally pick any gun we wanted to film,  and Rob would sweet-talk the owner into doing mag dumps for the video shots.  Not ONE gun owner told us "no".  I think the owner of the mini-gun dumped 4 mags for us.   There were more guns than time to film them.   

I am NOT a day-person.   I work the graveyard shift,  so filming stuff in the daytime is like normal people doing stuff at 3am.   I woke up at 2pm on friday afternoon and did not get any sleep until 11pm SATURDAY night.  You kind of become a different person when you don't get any sleep for that long.    (nice way of saying a-hole)    I slept in the truck reclined in the front seat and got about 5 hours of sleep.   It was better than nothing.  Billy slept in the bed of the truck and could actually lay flat.   I figured since HE was driving he needed the sleep more than I did.    It was kind of like a camping trip from hell.    But that is just how I do things.  I'm there to film as much material as possible and missing a great shot is always something I regret.

Sundays are slower at Big Sandy.  Many people just pack up and leave in the morning but they DO have a final  shoot.   One reason they have the Sunday morning shoot is to "clean up"  any left-over explosives that were not blown up Saturday night.   We saw many sticks of dynamite still out there and snipers were picking it off.  There were even a few boxes of fireworks that were not hit the night before.   I don't know how ANY of it survived that.   

We got back home around 6:30pm Sunday.  I slept for 11 hours.        

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  1. Ha ha... Miniguns don't use mags, they use belts and Dave's belts tend to be very long. 762x51 ammo isn't cheap. Those were 2500 round bursts. However, saw Dave at SAR today and he loves the footage. Says he's up for more belt dumps in March. Keep your Casio's clean!