Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guns and School Shootings

Everyone is horrified when someone takes a firearm and uses it for evil purposes.  As a gun owner,  as with most other gun owners,   we realize that the right to own a gun is a tremendous responsibility.    We would never imagine using our guns to cause this type of harm on anyone.     At worse,   we imagine there may be a time when we need to use a gun to defend ourselves from someone wishing to do harm on us or our families.  With violence in society seemingly getting worse,   we fear we won't be able to protect ourselves.    

When someone abuses a privilege,   the privilege is always at risk of being taken away.   As gun owners,   we are always thrust into defending our right because it comes under fire as people try to connect the dots and try to find some sort of blame -- and a solution.  

As emotions run rampant,  on both sides of the debate,   it is  impossible to convince either side that one is more right than the other.     Often,   the side that is more vocal wins the argument.    

For those that believe that no one should own a certain type of gun,   or have high capacity magazines,   I can only assure you that those who own those do not wish anyone harm.  I should say,  the VAST majority don't.  Having a gun doesn't make you a crazy person.  If society was as bad as people think,  and owning a "military style"  gun was the problem,   then we'd certainly see more,   probably hundreds more cases where people went on rampages on a daily basis.   We just have to keep that in perspective.  

I'm not trying to downplay the tragedies-  they were heart-breaking and gut-wrenching.   We as gun owners must do our part and secure the guns,  and educate people that safety and respect for the right is extremely important.   The shooting in Newtown and the one at the mall in Oregon were the result of people obtaining (stealing)  the guns  from careless owners. 

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