Monday, March 25, 2013

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It has been a few months since I made a mercury-related video so  I asked Matt from Jackismycopilot channel for any ideas he might have.    He just got a new Gopro Hero3 and his idea was to pour a bunch of mercury on the camera,  sort of giving the perspective of what it would be like if someone poured it on your face.   

We had to shoot it three times because for some reason the Gopro would fault-out and stop recording.    At first we thought it was due to the mercury being poured on it,   like it may have created some magnetic field or maybe the heavy liquid was just activating a button.  
We think the fault was due to the camera being pointed straight up and the sun was flaking it out.   Who knows- to hell with instructions!    After we moved the setup under a tree to block the sun,   we finally got the camera to record the scene.  

The mercury videos usually don't have much of a point.   I get a lot of comments from people asking why I did it,  etc.   They'd probably ask what's the point of the Harlem Shake or Keyboard Cat  or other videos too.   6 of my top ten videos are mercury videos.   So MY point is that I have a lot of subscribers that discovered my channel from past mercury videos and I do need to consider them and keep them happy.  Since I have a mixed audience,  some of my subs often scratch their heads when I post some stuff.  

I intended to just give the Gopro/Mercury video-footage all to Matt so he could post his idea on his channel but he wanted me to post it on mine.   
We also shot some footage of the mercury in the martini glass.    I have used the martini glass for a number of other videos and it works well to show off the mercury.   The long stem brings it up to the camera,  and the glass if very clear and lets you see the mercury and allows light to pass through.   We wanted to focus on the density of the mercury and show various things floating in it like a .50 cal bullet,   a large socket,   a golf ball,  etc.   Because mercury is almost 14 times denser than water,  it plays with your mind when you see a lead bullet bobbing around like a cork.     

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