Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3D Printed Shotgun Video

ArtisanTony,  another Youtube channel who has been tinkering around with a 3D printer recently thought it would be a good idea to print out some 12 gauge shotgun slugs for me to shoot.    He wanted a simple project so he could practice with the design software and the printer and knew I liked to shoot unusual shotgun rounds.

He printed out the 2 slugs and one unusual trident-like round.   He also printed out some "bucky balls"  which are small buckshot like rounds.    We may give those a try too down the road.

The rounds were not terribly successful,  in my opinion.   I would say the Silly Putty and Vienna Sausages we shot were actually more effective rounds!    However,   with all the news of the 3d printed guns that are in the news,   the timing of the 3d bullet video was irresistable to popular news,  as 3d bullets is the natural next-step in the evolution of the 3d  gun.

U.S. News,   Daily Mail,  and contacted me and quickly posted stories on their websites.   Many other smaller news outlets have posted their own stories,  which seem to be their own "versions" of the stories,  obviously derived from the other news stories. 

I do have a lot of respect for those news outlets that actually contacted me before they posted their stories.    

Since I am actually a daily visitor on the British website,  Daily Mail,   it was exciting to finally see one of my videos on there.