Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hot in California

This time of year it can be miserably HOT  in central California,  with temperatures easily hitting 100 degrees and  sometimes as high as 110.    That really makes spending time outdoors filming things difficult.   

When we go out filming shooting videos,   we normally spend at least 5 hours doing it,  and  I try to get as much footage as possible as to try to take care of the many ideas I have and the numerous suggestions people give me.   It's often difficult to match up schedules with friends,  so if we can get together once every three or four months,   we are lucky.   

Some of the ideas I have been putting off are shooting both ice and pykrete shotgun slugs.  Pykrete is a mixture of sawdust and water and when frozen,   is a very tough material.   I'm sure those will work very similarly to the frozen vienna sausages we shot about 6 months ago.  

I just hit 90,000 subscribers on Youtube.   That blows me away.  I'm sure I would have many more but   I really am not one to beg or ask people to subscribe.   Since I post a lot of unrelated video topics,  some will expect me to post the stuff they like and will complain when I post stuff they are not interested in.   It seems the more subscribers one gets,   the more whiney people and jerks you get.   Some people just have no class or manners and will flat out say they don't like this or that,  as if they are entitled to be entertained by me.   It isn't constructive criticism- it's just plain old rudeness.   You expect that with viewers who just stumble on your videos,  not from your subscribers. 

  One little trick not very many people know about is if you block someone,  then unblock them,   it unsubscribes them from your channel.