Monday, February 10, 2014

Test Tube Shotgun Ammo?

Yes,   I still plan to post crazy shotgun videos,   and other shooting videos.
Unfortunately,  I go through dry-spells with the shooting stuff because of weather,   work,   trying sync schedules with friends,    and finding places to film.  
Just to keep you abreast at what is going on,   here are some Pyrex test tubes that have lead shot in the tip and the rest if filled up with solid crayon wax.   I used orange/yellows hoping this color will show up well with the HS cameras.     Each projectile weighs 1oz.  or less.    I used  RIO  high brass 12ga shells.   They are blue.   But I am pretty impressed with RIO even though it isn't a really well-known brand.    I actually like these better than Federal shells.    Really good stuff but usually these are a couple bucks more per box.  The boxes are ugly as hell,   a mud-brown color.   They need to fire their marketing person and redesign their packaging to focus on the cool blue color their shells are.   

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