Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The word "Torcher"  was an accidental discovery.   I had been trying to come up with a catchy name for these demonstrations.   A viewer had misspelled  "torture"  in the comments and bang!  that was it.   "Torture by a Torch"    

I have to admit that the inspiration behind these tests were  "RHNB"  (red hot nickel ball)  where a guy heats up a metal ball with a homemade oxy/hydrogen torch and sets the ball on various objects.   It seems silly but it is fascinating.  I wanted to come up with something the viewers of those video enjoy but not copy his basic idea.  There are too many people on Youtube who have no problem copying the ideas of others.  The TTTT's  compliment RHNB.  Everyone wins.  
I have always enjoyed  "potential energy"  and the TTTT are a good demonstration of that,   along with thermodynamics.   Just like compressing a spring,   applying  heat energy to a liquid inside a sealed test tube is storing a LOT of energy.    Water expands 1600 times when it transitions from a liquid to a vapor.   One would think something like gasoline would be more energetic than water but it only has an expansion ration of 160:1  (1/10th of water!)

My tests are simple,  cheap and easy to film.   I am able to use suggestions that viewers post and that makes it fun.   Not everything is possible though.   For example,   I don't have nitroglycerin and I am not going to put stuff in there that is too weird and creepy.   I'm trying to use simple,  household materials and avoiding compound tests where I put two or more different materials in a test tube.  (at this time)    Also,  the substance has to melt to a liquid 
AND have a boiling point below the melting point of glass in order for these to work,    so using wood or metal  (gallium) isn't going to built up any pressure.  
Sometimes a viewer will suggest something SO cool I skip ahead and will do that test first.

Even though I have posted numerous TTTT videos,   I'm still in the test-phase to see if there is long-term interest in these.   The response from viewers has been good.   A few viewers have said they were boring,   but you can't please everyone.    There's no shortage of bitter people on YT who seem to think only their opinions matter.   

Upcoming videos: (in no particular order)
Cascade      Tapatio hot sauce       DOT3 brake fluid      10% Nitromethane model fuel 
Chocolate Chips        ammonia       mustard      Frog Lube     Cornstarch/Water 
Crayons   Gasoline   Alcohol  

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