Friday, May 16, 2014

Test Tube Torcher Test - Update

I wasn't sure if the "TTTT's"  would be somethig unique and watchable for many viewers.   But  when I don't post a new TT video,   viewers definitely let me know they want to see more of them.    It  does seem some viewers simple do not like "scary" gun videos and are more into the science-y  type stuff.   Usually the gun videos are just experiments in kinetic energy.   At least that is how I look at guns.   They just hurl things. 

I have done close to 20 TT videos  so far and I've gotten many great suggestions.   I wanted to do this series with the idea I could use viewer suggestions and I think people like that.   Just like many channels NEVER seem to reply to any comments,   which is a major buzz-kill for ME.   Very few channels ever take ideas from viewers.   Maybe it is pride,   or  they are  "too busy"  or  they think they just know better...  I don't know. 

Not only do I listen to suggestions for the stuff inside the TT's,   but  I also keep an open mind for things like camera angles,   and how the test tubes are held,  etc.   Quite a few people have wanted the TT's  fixed  or held down better so they do not go flying off.   "You need to clamp it with a "real"  test tube clamp..."    I really don't think they make clamps strong enough to grip the TT's  slippery glass surface.   If you got it tight enough,  the thin glass would break  or break while it expanded from the heat.  

I had to come up with something simple and sturdy enough to hold the tubes.   I came up with a simple steel  L-shaped base/backboard with two tabs with holes him them to hold the TT's while the base of the TT simply sits on the bottom of the stand.   Since these TT's build up NO LESS than 100 psi before the plugs blow,     we're talking about a LOT of thrust from these things.   It's a very SHORT burst,   but still a LOT of explosive energy blowing out the end of these vials.   They are not like model rocket engines that might have 5lbs of thrust.  They probably have 50 to 100 lbs.  of thrust.    

The new fixture should resolve a few minor problems.    The loud "booms",  which are usually as loud as a shotgun,    may be less with this thing.   I'm hoping for a loud  "whoosh" at best.   I'm also hoping for less glass breakage,  which I have to clean up each time.   If the vials don't break,   I can reuse them.    And finally,   the biggest thing is safety.   I never know where the TT's might shoot off to.   It might hit a camera or go through a window. 
Note:  I am always far enough away to observe the experiments,  usually in my garage looking out the window.   

The plumes of steam or smoke shooting upward should look very dramatic.  I'll have to set at least one camera back far enough to show this.    The liquid flashing off with my zoomed-in,  1200 FPS camera should look pretty cool.  

I need to find an old mechanical bathroom scale.   I can set the fixture on the scale and we can see how much thrust the TT's have.   There are many new things I can do with this new fixture....   

I just hope the TT's  function in the fixture as I predict.    I am usually 100% with my predictions though!