Friday, June 27, 2014

.357 Cartridge Arrow Tip Testing

This weekend we will be testing out some plastic arrow tips called  "Bow Mags".   These
things can be loaded with either a .38 or a .357 magnum round and when the arrow strikes something, it is supposed to shoot the round off.  

I've seen a few videos of it in action and I am pretty skeptical of the damaging-effects of these things.   The companies video shows some being used against some boars and they are dropping like they got hit by a bolt of lightning.    Other videos I saw,   watermelons were used and the results were dismal.  

A broad-tip arrow is pretty devastating on its own.   These things have more than enough energy to slice their way through a full-grown elk.  

We will be using some harder targets than water jugs or watermelons.   The target has to be dense enough to set off the round.    We'll probably use some thick books,  lumber,  some sheetmetal,  and of course the famous 5lb gummy bear.   Yes,   I still have that thing and it is good for a few more hits. 

Are these things just gimmicks?     I paid good money for these things,  $40 for 6 of them and they are only good for ONE shot.    Since they were not given to me by the company,  believe me,   I will  be totally objective about the outcome.  

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