Friday, September 19, 2014

TTTT (Test tube torcher test) BEER ROCKET

                                                                     (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

MANY people have wanted me to invert the test tubes so when the cap blows off,   the test tube rockets off.    One problem with that is trying to frame it with the cameras.   I can't put the cameras under the table-  pointed upwards.   Also,   a test tube flying off under 100 to 200 psi would be VERY unpredictable and dangerous.    It has nothing to stabilize it.

What about putting the test tube into an actual model rocket?   I have a rocket and a launch stand--  it seems do-able to me.   Heck,  this might be the start of a new series where we try different materials to see if they will launch the rocket.   First one will use superheated beer.

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  1. This should be interesting, but my prediction is very little vertical movement, because of the explosive nature of the tubes, for a good flight I think you may need a steady jet of propulsion.... so longer tubes and or a smaller annulus. But I'm no rocket scientist.