Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ramset Powder Charges Drive .22 pellets at Hyper-velocities

We got some impressive results shooting .22 PELLETS out of a firearm using nail gun blanks bought at Lowes hardware.    This was our second attempt at doing this.   The first attempt,  tried about 4 months ago resulted in failure.   The first shot,  the entire base of the blank blew off and most of the blast came out of the ejection port of the rifle.   The rest of the case was stuck in the chamber and we did not have a cleaning rod with us to knock it out.

                                                              THE PROBLEM

It seemed logical to fix the pellets right onto the ends of the blanks.  However,  this did not seat the pellets high enough in the chamber.   I can only guess what occurred at the split-second,  but I think the pellet did not  transition from the chamber into the barrel smoothly,  so the blast  took the path of least-resistance,  blowing the end of the case off  right out the ejection port.

  We had 100% reliability by  muzzleloading the pellets so they were seated in the barrel,   slightly above the chambered blank instead of directly on it.   Although that is typically a bad idea to do,  (short starting -look it up)  it worked well in THIS application.   


  1. would this work better with a break action 22?

  2. Would this possibly work with a revolver? Do you think this causes a dramatic increase in chamber pressure when compared to say a .22lr mini-mag?

  3. I jest tried this in my Remington 597. I loaded the pellet in the breach of the gun then used a 22 round to push the pellet into the chamber ejected the 22 then put the blank into the gun. when I fired it the blank ejected fine and the pellet left the barrel. I am thinking that the glue you used might have made the crimp to strong.

  4. what about taping with thin clear tape? the rolleed tape will give the space so the cartrige will be able to open behind the pellet instead of being stuck in the skirt.

  5. Haha, why not shoot normal 22 lr ammo? I don't think I want to use those on my Remington 597.