Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We will be shooting some capsules full of rust powder in our next series of tests.   These capsules are the same ones used for the "water bullets".   The problem with those was the shockwave/energy created a "hydroshock"  that pushed the water through the plastic capsule and blew it out.   

Instead of a liquid, we will use fine rust powder, and a little lead shot for weight.   We all ready tested one and it left the barrel intact and the capsule blew up in a cloud of red dust when it hit a pile of sand.

We will try these in a few different configurations.  The long tip will act like a vane and should cause the round to flip 180 deg.  after it leaves the barrel.   If the tip is snipped off,   it may allow some of the rust powder to leave and it might have interesting results.  If most of the end is cut off,   then the rust should spew out of the gun in the big cloud.   

Of course,  we really don't know what will happen until we try them.    I fabricated 7 of these rounds.   


  1. Interested to see if you can design a wooden dowel with a simulated dummy grenade attachment for your shotgun kind of like what the Yugo SKS does. Interested to see how far a blank low brass cartridge can send one of these projectiles down range.