Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We will be shooting some capsules full of rust powder in our next series of tests.   These capsules are the same ones used for the "water bullets".   The problem with those was the shockwave/energy created a "hydroshock"  that pushed the water through the plastic capsule and blew it out.   

Instead of a liquid, we will use fine rust powder, and a little lead shot for weight.   We all ready tested one and it left the barrel intact and the capsule blew up in a cloud of red dust when it hit a pile of sand.

We will try these in a few different configurations.  The long tip will act like a vane and should cause the round to flip 180 deg.  after it leaves the barrel.   If the tip is snipped off,   it may allow some of the rust powder to leave and it might have interesting results.  If most of the end is cut off,   then the rust should spew out of the gun in the big cloud.   

Of course,  we really don't know what will happen until we try them.    I fabricated 7 of these rounds.   

Saturday, October 18, 2014


At the last shoot where we shot the pellets,  etc.   we didn't have time to film some rust slugs I fabbed up.   Not only are the shotgun shells old and rusty,   the slug is made out of rust. 

I had a bag of rust chunks someone gave me so I ran some of that through a coffee grinder to turn it into a fine powder.   I then mixed the rust with hot wax.   

Since smaller particles collectively have more surface area than the same volume of larger particles,   we'll see how well these slugs hold up.  More surface area,  the stronger the bond and less space between the particles.   In this case,  bigger is NOT better.  

The slugs are not very heavy,  weighing in at only 4/10ths of an ounce.   

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ramset Powder Charges Drive .22 pellets at Hyper-velocities

We got some impressive results shooting .22 PELLETS out of a firearm using nail gun blanks bought at Lowes hardware.    This was our second attempt at doing this.   The first attempt,  tried about 4 months ago resulted in failure.   The first shot,  the entire base of the blank blew off and most of the blast came out of the ejection port of the rifle.   The rest of the case was stuck in the chamber and we did not have a cleaning rod with us to knock it out.

                                                              THE PROBLEM

It seemed logical to fix the pellets right onto the ends of the blanks.  However,  this did not seat the pellets high enough in the chamber.   I can only guess what occurred at the split-second,  but I think the pellet did not  transition from the chamber into the barrel smoothly,  so the blast  took the path of least-resistance,  blowing the end of the case off  right out the ejection port.

  We had 100% reliability by  muzzleloading the pellets so they were seated in the barrel,   slightly above the chambered blank instead of directly on it.   Although that is typically a bad idea to do,  (short starting -look it up)  it worked well in THIS application.   

Monday, October 6, 2014

Interference-Fit Shotgun Muzzle Brake

We finally got the custom muzzle-brake mounted on the Mossberg 590 and got to shoot some rounds through it.   What's unique about this brake is it isn't held on by screws or welds,  etc.  It's a shrink-fit.   The brake was made a couple thousands of an inch smaller than the barrel.  The brake was heated up and it expanded and just slid over the barrel.  Once it cooled down,   it stays on tight as a drum.   We got some cool muzzle flashes blowing out the sides during some filming today.  

Friday, October 3, 2014

Beer Rocket Update

                                                              CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

The beer rocket was a failure.  After less than a minute of heating up the test tube,   the glass just cracked and the beer spilled out.  There was almost no pressure at all at this point.   The heat from the torch also melted one of the fins of the rocket.     

I'm not sure if I am going to try this again.   


We are planning on filming again this weekend.   Tentatively,  we will try to shoot bolts,  rust slugs,   and will see if it is a good idea to use  "Ramset"  .22 cal.  nail gun rounds to shoot .22 cal pellets from a rifle.   We might have a new shooter join us and bring some of his guns.