Friday, April 3, 2015

                                          CUSTOM ALUMINUM "TURBINE" ROUNDS

Custom Aluminum .70 Caliber "Turbine" Slugs

Out of the blue,   a viewer contacted me about some aluminum slugs that he machined.
What is unique about these giant,  .700" x 2" rounds is they have riflings milled into the
sides.   There are 6 milled slots equally and perfectly spaced around the slug.   The 
machinist even went as far as setting them a precise pitches,  or twists.   The ratio is 1:28,  1:20,  and 1:10.     In other words,   for every 28 inches,   a 1:28 pitch will rotate one turn. 
That may not seem very fast but at supersonic speeds,   the spin should be enough to stabilize the rounds.    
Since we use a smooth bore shotgun,  there is no rifling so this may be a solution for 
stabilizing the rounds.     We do not know if they will work or not,  and that is the fun about trying these experimental rounds.